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Secret dates

The man is questioned about his differences and their adequacy with others.

Assuming his preferences to impose his true self in a date and change the world: that is the reason to be of X-ITER.

A unique collection with fashion codes to recognize the peers of manhood and complement to its differences, X-ITER man recognizes the others whether they are gay, straight or bisexual while being faithful to himself.

The X-ITER chain, which accessorizes the swimsuit, allows expressing the preferences specifically by its positioning; right left at the front or hidden.

A medallion in silver, can be hanged to the hip or around the neck, expresses the type of men that rises your heartbeats.

The high-end swimwear X-ITER' style stands out with its singularity as the lines of colors contrasts the quality black canvas.

X-ITER glorifies the male body while making references to the male archetypes of the twentieth century. Very close to your body, such as a second skin, X-ITER disclaims all the faces of virility, as well in certain classicism that is audaciously sexy. 

Be X-ITER, go beyond yourself and discover the untouched.

X-ITER - Male Dating Swimwear