Young gay man: His First Time

first timeImagine that moment, arriving in your life: you are becoming someone else’s first. First of all, you have to acknowledge the fact that you are not the youngest gay man in your community now, you are getting old! We know that it’s a harsh thing to say, but enjoy getting an older gay man, having more experience than others and being more mature.

It’s important to remind you that being more experience is not something that should make you arrogant about it. Use your experience wisely; remember that you are about to change a young gay man’s life forever. Maybe you won’t see him again, but wherever he goes, he will remember his first.

So, you are making out and suddenly he steps back and spills the beans. He tells you that he is a virgin gay man. If you don’t want to leave a scar on his life, here are the steps to follow:

The first reaction is very important. Don’t seem to be shocked which will make his self esteem crash or don’t seem to be so happy about it which will make you look like a pervert gay man. Act like you don’t care, maybe compliment him and keep on whatever you are doing.

Lead without patronizing. Give small tips during the process, be in charge of the positions but be kind doing these. Don’t seem to be demanding which will make him feel like he is not good enough for a more experienced gay man like you.

Take him seriously. Just because he is a virgin, doesn’t mean that he is naïve or stupid. Don’t let your instincts to humiliate him. Don’t you ever laugh at him and his attempts unless he is laughing at himself.

Don’t count minutes. We all know that it’s not going to last for hours. Maybe not even half an hour. So don’t brag about your past how you used to go for hours without a break. Let him enjoy those 5 minutes.

Educate him about safe sex. As a virgin gay man, he will probably do anything to please you. He might even offer you to go without a condom – because all the porn he watched praise the bareback – Tell him about the importance of being a safe and careful young gay man. You might save him from making huge mistakes in his life.

Be ready for “thank you’s” and “I am sorry’s”. This is the best and the worst part of having sex with a virgin. It is good because they appreciate so much, okay maybe too much. They will thank you for thousands of time to show it. Stay patient. Tell him that it was fun for you too. After the thank you’s, the apologies begin. They will be sorry about how short it was, how clumsy they were etc. Again, be patient and humble. Be comforting.

Having sex is a selfless attempt and will make you get away from your bitchy attitude for a while. So enjoy being good and give that innocent gay man the time of his life!

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