Gay sex : when the Big Day Comes Along

gay sexYes, we are talking about gay sex. Maybe for some of us, it’s not actually a big day but for the rest it’s still an important turnover. Whether it’s just a hook up, a planned occasion after dating for a while or a lovely evening after beach with the guy you met thanks to your X-iter swimsuit, gay sex is sex. And it should be enjoyed, profited and be remembered when you look back to the times when you still have full hair on your head, being or trying to be as flexible as Freddy Mercury on the stage…

As long as you are not dragging someone or being dragged from a nightclub at 3am, there are some basics to keep in mind.

  1. Always have the essentials in your cabinet

If you consider yourself as a person who is sexually active, you better start dividing your budget for your condoms, lubes or any extra material you are into. Never expect from your partner to have them if you don’t want to run around in your pajamas on the street in the middle of the night.

  1. Take a quick shower if you can

Even if you had your daily shower in the morning, try to fresh up with a quick shower if you have the time. It will make you more confortable in your body and that will reflect to your performance in bed. There is no point of getting intimate with someone if you are afraid of raising your arms.

  1. Make peace with your naked-self

Strip your clothes and go stand in front of a mirror. Look around your body and touch yourself. Try to see the hot man looking behind you. Maybe try some facial expressions as if you are having gay sex. Because you know, you don’t want to look like a jumping monkey just when you were thinking that you are being sexy.

  1. Don’t be a hygiene freak

As gay men, we love swimming in some dangerous waters. And anal sex is a part of it. Of course be as clean as you can, do what you feel like you need to do but don’t overthink it! In the end we all know what comes out from that door. If someone is willing to get in, he needs to deal with the fact that you have a living body. Little bit of mud doesn’t kill anyone.

  1. Never say never

Be open! It’s always fun to try new things, explore something new in your body and your partner’s. Don’t forget, you won’t win an Oscar for being a consistent top. As long as you are not risking your life, be adventurous and always curious!

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