Super Heroes Have Safe Sex Too

safe sexLet’s talk about safe sex : The easier we get into the dating scene, the more we have sex, which is great! But every great thing comes with responsibilities and consequences. Sex is –for sure one of them.

But it’s always for the best to simplify those responsibilities and not complicate them. Do you want to have sex? Do you want to live a healthy life? If the answer for both is yes, then you know what you have to do.

As we are surrounded by the bareback sensation, and a propaganda that promotes the idea of unsafe sex, we all ask the same question to ourselves. To be careful or not to be… The main idea here is simple, do you want to narrow your happiness to that 20 minutes, the happiness that ends right after the sex and replaces itself with concerns.

“What if?” is a question that can make your life miserable. Because darling, you never know! Even if a one-night stand or an occasional hook-up or a debut of a relationship, you just have to be careful.

Ask Batman what he has under his cape. Of course a little box of condoms!

More importantly, ask an X-iter, he is always careful too!

Easy steps to have safe sex:

  1. Use a condom

Well, it’s not flash news to using condom is an ultimate way to have safe sex but for some men it’s still a bridge to cross. Don’t treat condoms like a weird stranger. Think of condoms as an extension to your body, like how you use sunscreen not to get burn.

  1. Don’t economize lube

Yes we know you sometimes do it. Do not be afraid to finish that bottle, thinking about your upcoming sexual adventure. Instead, always have a back-up bottle. Remember, if you don’t use enough lube the condom might break so might your heart.

  1. Mouth is a sexual part of the body

Okay, kissing is the most innocent thing that you can do with your mouth. But there is more. Any kind of oral sex (rimming, blowjob) might cause transmission of a sexual disease because of the body fluids coming out during the action like pre-cum. It is very hard to avoid oral sex but it’s safer to get to know a guy before get to taste him.

  1. Be safe with X-iter

It is sometimes in the most crowded places we forgot the essential. No more excuses with X-iter! You’ll never run away of condoms on the beach with your X-iter push-up swimwear equipped with its invisible condoms pocket . Be stylish, be safe, be X-iter!

  1. Be up to date

This might be the most important rule of all. Educate yourself, read the news, follow the medical developments. You can’t take decisions depending on the drunken conversations you had with your friends about sex. Use your own knowledge and conscious.



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