Orgasm and Happiness

men's orgasm

Maybe it’s true that men have a less complicated orgasm process than the women have. But did you know that men suffer from post-coital tristesse (basically feeling sad after ejaculating) more than women do?

This psychological reaction that some of us has can be considered as a vicious circle. Like eating a huge pizza all by yourself and getting disgusted by the leftover that you have on your table.

But you get hungry again.

Is this sadness coming from regret, fear or panic? It depends on every individual of course. But if we ask for a professional opinion, Freud says that intercourse is the closest moment that a person can come to escaping the intrinsic isolation of human existence by literally being inside another person (or vice versa).

So maybe it’s a reaction that our race developed in decades and is carved into our genes. But human brain is a funny thing. You can actually train it and change the way it functions.

Here’s our advice for an ultimate happy ending:

-Be more independent

Do not over-dignify anyone. Accept that no one is yours and you are no one’s. Don’t rely your happiness on being with someone. Enjoy your existence, your own body and how unique you are. Cherish your own orgasm. Don’t think about someone else for a while.

-Accept that nothing lasts forever

You can’t keep a man inside you forever. This is not healthy! Jokes aside, learn how to let go of someone. Don’t act like an old lady who waves her grandchildren goodbye and feels sad till they come back next Christmas. Acknowledge that everything has an end and stick to the first advice. Let him go, enjoy yourself.

-Choose partners that you would not only have sex but also lay down next to

Okay, it’s true that sometimes we are not able stop our urges. There are times that we want to have sex so much that it blinds us and makes us do mistakes. Never be that desperate! Unless you don’t want to look at the person that you just slept with and hear a voice in your head saying:

How did you do that?”

Like that pizza you finished last night.

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