Grindr app, when pleasure turns to addiction

Grindr AppGrindr app revolutionated the gay community : more than 10 millions of people use it in 192 countries with 1.1 million who log on everyday and 6.2 millions of people use Hornet. 260 000 Grindr subscribers in France with 200 000 in Paris, the second city behind London. More than one million users go on Grindr everyday : on average, 7 millions messages and 2 millions of pictures are exchanged every 24 hours. Such a success shows how important it is for LGBT community to communicate.

What Grindr app subscribers look for ?

According to a study made by the english magazine FS the gay health and life mag, 71% of subscribers look for sexual relationships, 48% for loving dates, 47% want friends, and 26% use the application because they feel lonely.

We can also add figures proving the addiction of the community to these app : more than the majority of users (58%) think that they use those apps too much, 27% even admit that they are obsessed with them and want to find dating alternatives. In spite of the fact that Grindr is seen as the symbol of hyperconnection, the app pushes many gays into a form of virtual isolation.

What are the damaging effects of using Grindr app without moderation ?

You are in trouble when Grindr app decides for you and not you anymore…when you prefer being on Grindr app instead of going out with your friends, or working on some urgent professionnal documents, doing sport, or even paying a visit to your family. Start being worried from the moment Grindr app occupies too much space into your life and makes you forget about your priorities. A situation which is often followed by some anxiety, even depression. When sex becomes an out of limit consumption and ruins the quality of your sexual relationships and emotionnally.

This overconsumption of sex also exposes you more to AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

How can you realize your Grindr app addiction ?

Try not to touch your application for at least 2 hours. If that feels difficult for you, it means that you’re already an addict.

Whatever is the addiction. It is the same thing as caffeine, sex, or even shopping. It starts when you let the routine takes a hold, our brain repeats automatically good or bad habits. Grindr is not dangerous in itself. Indeed, it can be a wonderful networking or sexual blooming tool, but also a self-destruction tool by using it too much.

How breaks the addiction ?

Step 1 : Be conscious of ones addiction.

This is a first difficulty to overcome when Grindr app has become a usual addiction. Make a break, take a white paper and write your priorities. How can you make your daily life better ? Does Grindr app participate to it ? If yes, all is fine. Otherwise, its time to do something.

Step 2 : Update your priorities

What were you looking for on Grindr app the first time ?

Sex ? If you reached this goal and you experience a blooming sexuality, don’t change anything ! Otherwise, if you miss something, if every emotionnal investment had been pushed far away and that it was not planned in the beginning, then maybe…

Love ? If you have not found love since you signed in on Grindr app and that your sexual life took over the rest, you may have to ask questions to yourself…

Friends ? If you have sex with your grindr friends, you also have to wonder what to do…

Am I satisfied of my life and my sexuality and the way Grindr app influenced them ? Grindr wakes up the jaguar inside of us and reveal our primary instincts : we are like hunters in the grindr savanna. Hidden behind our mobile phone, we make our inhibitions go off thinking its just a virtual game… A game which has many consequences on our life, especially when it comes to the fact that many of dating app users forget that behind those profiles are real humans with feelings.

Step 3 : use the application in the right place, at the right moment

The idea is not to uninstall the app right now. This technique of self-censorship does not work. 2 or 3 days after, the addiction comes back and you feel like you failed once more. The right idea is to loose your bad habits progressively for the purpose of going back to a normal frequency of use. Control your visit on the app by programming some ring every hour to know when you’re allowed to check messages the first days, then every two hours, until the moment you feel like you don’t miss checking messages anymore.

Other issue. Grindr app is on our mobile phone and nowadays this one is essential : we usually have it in our hands for many reasons (calls, texts, games, other apps…). It is therefore difficult not to click on Grindr app. Temptation is high !

For that, uninstall your Grindr app account from your mobile phone, and put it on your tablet, which is generally less used than a smartphone. Put your tablet in your closet. Program your ring and go to work focusing just on your work. Once you set that routine after several weeks or months and that you controlled your grindr addiction with success, draw up the balance sheet and ask yourself : Is Grindr useful in my life and for my sexuality ? If you decide its not, uninstall the app and make a real break, radical or not. You decide, and not Grindr app !

Step 3 : Stop using Grindr app with mode « Dirty mind » on

It is about not using Grindr app in « Dirty mind » mode. Stop sending nude pics directly to your interlocutors. Imagine like you could show your conversations to everybody without being ashamed. When you turn the « kinky » mode on, you desensitize yourself because you act like you were a hunter, even more and precisely a virtual hunter, hidden looking for ones prey but above all hidden from the rest of the real world like a spy. Your reactions and your excitement have reached fever pitch and the addiction goes even deeper.

Stop virtual secrets and keep them only for bedroom.

Step 4 : Meet in real life with X-ITER !

Do away with Grindr app addiction does not mean you don’t have any sexual life anymore.

It is precisely about discover it again in an other context : real life !

X-ITER is a way to meet gays directly in real life and to see if you’re really compatible in terms of the type of man you’re looking for and sexual preferences. It is true that if these dating applications have met such a success with gays, it is because they help to know about compatibility in short time, which is different with straight people because the question does not need to be asked. Many gay people miss traditional seduction, tactile approach, a smile, an attitude.

X-ITER offers you the opportunity : sexual decoding + opportunity to seduce.

Grab your X-ITER dogtags and show your type of man hanging them around your neck. Or even more kinky, on the left side of your pants (top), or on the right one side (bottom), or in the middle (versatile).

For those who go on holidays, wear your X-ITER swimwear and hang the chain associated on the right side, left side, or in the middle.

Its the end of robotic mode : take part of the X-ITER experience ! Find, smile, and before all SE-DUCE ! …

Step 5 : Create your X-ITER community !

To feel helped in your detoxification process on dating app and learn to seduce again in real life, create your X-ITER community. There must be guys around you who also suffer from virtual isolation.

Tell them about X-ITER project, inside bars, clubs, and even on the app. Create X-ITER parties to go back to traditional seduction methods with the support of our X-ITER office.

Be the hero of your own life, be X-ITER !


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