GAY COMIC “THE X-ITER” : EPISODE 2/ PART 1 : Desperately Seeking X-Bulky!



Screenshot 2016-04-15 17.46.26The light was white and cold and I didn’t have any other choice than to wake up. The curtains were flying around and the window was wide open, My mouth was dry, my head heavy and i couldn’t stop yearning. A cold shiver ran through me : What did happen to me? Where am I? What time is it? … 11am on the alarm clock. Some palm trees standing in an urban architecture from the window. It looks like I am in Miami city. I may recognize the city where i wake up but I can’t even remember my name! the only things i remember is the sand, this infinite desert surrounded me, the cave, the swimwears, the talisman. the red spiral … Was it a dream? Did i drunk too much last night? Do i lose my mind? I don’t know but I just feel something happened. I feel different. I am different. Despite the lack of clarity of the situation, I was not afraid … Maybe a cold shower would help me to wake me up and remember what happened …



Screenshot 2016-04-15 17.46.36Let the water run all over my skin and rebirth … Touching my body and cleaning my mind from all this confusion. I feel warm, I feel sexy, I feel like a real man with strong desires , Let’s reconnect to my instincts. No matter what is my past or my future. Only the present and this sensation of empowerment are important.  I feel horny and i want some sex …

The fever coming to my crotch. Powerful. Hard.




Screenshot 2016-04-15 17.46.52I can feel my breath speeding up. I can feel my hearbeat. I’m alive. But there is something wrong :  too much blood running into my veins. Too much sensations. I feel undestructible. I’m burning up … I feel i’m going to cum! Oh my God! What is this inscription appearing on my chest? X-ITER?





Screenshot 2016-04-15 17.47.07“Here is your X-ITER rule of the Day ; When you’ll be horny and your skin sweaty. The X-iter tatoo will appear on your heart.”

And this voice again in my head! No, no and no … I need to get out from here … Let’s go on the bedroom, get change to go for a walk

No! it is impossible! I can’t believe what I see on the floor of the bedroom.

The exact same chest that was on the cave standing in the middle of the bedroom. The same X-iter swimwears and talismans are inside. So no, It was not a dream. I need to face the reality. I’m the X-iter.



Screenshot 2016-04-15 17.47.30Let’s check if this fuckin voice inside my head take me for a fool. Let’s wear the Deltabrief swimwear and hang the X-bulky talisman on it see what happen … Am I really going to meet a muscly, sporty, self-confident man and being able to transform in X-Bulky?








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