GAY CARTOON : X-iter VS X-Twink

After having discovered his erotic super-power and facing X-Bulky, the X-iter reborn somewhere, sometime to reveal to another man his real nature and welcome him in the really private club of  the X-iter Heroes … Let’s discover the new adventures of the online gay cartoon, “the X-ITER”!



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GAY CARTOON PAGE 1 : Oh…Huh…Gosh, It’s hot ! Buildings ? Palm Trees ? Swimming pool ? Where am I ? What am I

doing here ? Feel like Ive already lived that scene…the sun is burning my skin and this area looks

familiar but I can’t remember what I am supposed to do here…someone’s staring at me with

insistance inside the water…He looks so young and innocent, rather attractive…Do I know him ? My mind is telling me yes but I have big trouble reminding him…

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GAY CARTOON PAGE 2 : « Hey coach ! Are you okay », he yelled at me. I stammered, « For sure…sorry, what were we

doing? ». The face of the young boy turned confused, « Are you kidding me ? We are training for

the swimming competition…It is in less than 6 hours !». I rubbed my head…I cannot let him guess

that the person inside his coach body is not his real coach… « Of course ! Let’s go for one more

length of the pool ».

gay cartoon

GAY CARTOON PAGE 3 : I blowed the whistle and his well-built body took a run-up. Many questions were driving me

crazy…Ok, this boy musts be my student, but Im wondering what kind of relationship we have, he

seems very careful with me, kind of attaching, but also very distant and serious at the same time…

Let’s get my head straight in the dressing room while he’s training…

gay cartoon

GAY CARTOON PAGE 4 : No one ! Cool…the locker room was empty. I went into the toilets and splashed my face with the

water from the washbowl. I felt quite tired, may be due to this strange red spiral that brought me

here. I looked at myself through the mirror above the washbowl and repeated myself « What am I

doing here ? ». The only thing I could remember was this voice coming from nowhere telling me

« Don’t be afraid , come with me, get the power, be X-Iter ! ». I was so perturbed that I did not

notice the blue and tight-fitted swimwear I was wearing with a yellow dogtag hanged on it. All of a

sudden, many flashbacks came back to me ! Pictures appeared on the mirror, this old voice

resounded inside my head with the same exact words « Be X-Iter ! ».

« X-Twink, yes that’s it!, I screamed, meaning my mission is to look for a young, smooth, and

impulsive boy to transform him into a X-Twink ! » I carried on robotically.

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GAY CARTOON PAGE 5 : « Hey coach ! Did you forget me again ? ». The same beautiful face staring at me earlier in the

water appeared from behind the door quite annoyed. He had these attractive and deep clear eyes I

could fall in love with, so pure, so young…Wait… « Your mission is to look for a young, smooth,

and impulsive boy ! ». And if that was the guy precisely…I think I found him. Ok, let’s go back to

work and let’s see how speed he can be.

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GAY CARTOON PAGE 6 : …A few minutes later.

TOP ! Fantastic, you just beat your last record ! The boy glanced at me with this kinky air Im fond

of. But the more he was plunging his eyes into mine, the more I felt vulnerable. I felt like my heart

was bound to blow when he launched at me with a fierce tone in the voice: « I have something to

show you !».

gay cartoon

GAY CARTOON PAGE 7 : « What ? A special surprise for me ?? , I replied. I only just opened my mouth that he was already

drawing a heart with his hands above the water. He held out his hand to me looking at me with an

expression full of desire that I had never seen on any other face of my life.

gay cartoon

GAY CARTOON PAGE 8 : I don’t know how, but my body magically landed up into the water. I could not take my eyes and

hands off him. I felt so good ! We kissed passionately and our bodies seemed so light under the

surface of water, we were like flying far away from the rest of the world as if no one could see us.

I wanted to stay here forever …

gay cartoon

GAY CARTOON PAGE 9 : But the dream did not last so long…the same red light I saw before appeared from the surface, It

became brighter and brighter. I grabbed the young boy very hard, I did not want this moment to end,

but everything around me started to be breathed in…

gay cartoon

GAY CARTOON PAGE 10 : A strange force took the boy away from me and made him floating in the center of the spiral. The

voice said : « This is your symbol, your innocence, vitality, and mischief make you the X-Twink !»

The voice added : « Shout you name to the world ! Show everybody the X-Iter power and be pride

of your difference ! ».

gay cartoon

GAY CARTOON PAGE 11 : A few hours later, the boy was incredibly performant. He defeated all the competitors and won the


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