INTERVIEW : How to date with Theo Ford? Discover all the secrets of Theo and how to use X-iter to seduce him!


Theo Ford is the french porn star the most popular in the gay porn Industry. He performed in Iconic studios as Falcon, Raging Stallion, Colt, … But Theo is not only a sex-machine, he is a talented director of romantic and inspired short independant movies. Man of paradox we wanted to know what was the best way to date with him.

Theo Ford for X-iter

X-iter: Theo, you are the face of X-iter, which makes us really proud. What do you think about our concept?

Theo Ford: I’m loving the innovative concept and to me fashion is about forward thinking.


X-iter: What do you think the difference would be between dating on online applications and dating through X-iter swimwears?

Theo Ford: The human factor is very important. On dating apps that is totally lost. Hopefully X-iter will bring it back!


X-iter: Where would you wear your X-chain on your swimwear today? (check the manual :

Theo Ford: I would wear the chain on which ever side I want that particular day. I’m more top but why not bottom sometimes.


X-iter: Which X-male dogtag would you choose and why : X-bulky? X-twink? X-Geek? X-Bear? X-Princess? X-Bi? On your hips or around your neck?

Theo Ford: I would wear it wround my neck. Maybe more X-Geek… I’ll have to create one just for me maybe haha!!


X-iter: How would you approach another X-ITER if his fashion-codes are compatible with yours and what would you tell him?

Theo Ford: Well being married I probably wouldn’t approach him at all!


X-iter: What is your secret weapon about game of seduction?

Theo Ford: My eyes and stupid jokes!!


X-iter: When you are talking to someone, where are you looking for?

Theo Ford: A sense of humour


X-iter: Sex on the first date or not?

Theo Ford: Depends of course.


X-iter: Where is the best place to have sex?

Theo Ford: On a bed. I am so tired of having sex in crazy places for my movies haha


X-iter: Are you a romantic or a serial lover?

Theo Ford: I’m a huge romantic

Theo Ford for X-iter


X-iter: What are the things not to do if someone want to seduce you?

Theo Ford: Be insulting


X-iter: What is a perfect date?

Theo Ford: One where you feel you already know the person


X-iter: Do you remember you first love and circumstances?

Theo Ford: The only love I care about is my husband


X-iter: What is your worst experience about dating?

Theo Ford: Probably when a guy was scared about my job.


X-iter: How would you describe your appearance?

Theo Ford: I am a gentle giant.


X-iter: What are you qualities and flaws?

Theo Ford: Flaws? I don’t understand that word haha… I am very quick on my toes and I can understand how people are and react before they do.


X-iter: Which of your physical features would you say people notice most about you?

Theo Ford: My eyes.


X-iter: Do you think finding love is more difficult today? If yes, why?

Theo Ford: No it’s always been difficult


X-iter: What is your motto in life?

Theo Ford: Do onto others as you would like done to you


X-iter: If you didn’t have a choice, would you choose sex over love or love over sex?

Theo Ford: LOVE for sure


X-iter: What does it mean for you to be an X-iter?

Theo Ford: It means to be empowered and sexually free


X-iter: What is your favorite X-chain swimwear?

Theo Ford: I love them all. Probably the one that I can slip off the easiest









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