comics gayIt’s time for a good working out session along the beach. Feeling the sun over my skin while sweating … checking sexy boys and find the right one …

No clouds on the horizon. There are already plenty of guys … twinkies, bears, geeks … but where is my bulky?

Let’s start with some abs and maybe he will come to me …

After a series of repetions, a guys doing crunches next to me start talking to me Ā …

-“It’s so nice nice to work out under the sun, don’t you think so? have we already met?

  • – I don’t think so but l’ll be delighted to get to know you … Can i invite you for a drink after such hard work out?
  • – With pleasure. There a bar next to the open space fitness club. They have delicious cocktails … let me choose yours šŸ˜‰
  • Indeed, few meters away this beautifull and handsome man offered me am amazing pinacolada. He was kind and and sexy and I couldn’t take off my eyes over me. His eyes’ color was of an intense blue … an iron blue, strong and imperturbable …
  • I want him. IĀ need to make him known … Let’s start a joke …
  • -” What comes after 69? “
  • – I don’t know but I fear the worst!


comics gay

– A mouthwash!

He said with a laugh :

-“your joke is pretty idea but it gives me one ideat!”

In one instant,Ā heĀ puts his headĀ on my shoulder and turned my face against his lips.

With the sunrise on the horizon as the only witness, we kissed passionately.

His tongue was sweet and meaty and went deep into my throat. I couldn’t resist and lyed down on him on the shore.

… I was Burt Lancaster, he was my Deborha Kerr and we were making the remake of my Nanny’s favorite movie, “From here to eternity’!






comics gay

I wanted him so badly!!!

Just he and me on the beach, we were making love, still protected by the sun heating my shoulders and back while he hugged me, putting his legs all over my hips

The sex was intense, like if we were two breathless animals lost in a race …

Suddenly, when weĀ almost crossed the finish line. I felt the X-iter mask appeared and burning my face.

His face was suffocating and becoming blue while I was coming inside of him. In a shout, transported by a strength from nowhere, he raised from the ground and suspended in the air heĀ started his transformation : He was becoming X-Bulky!








comics gay


His skin was shining inĀ a deep blue and his body harder than Iron. His musculature was impressive and the same sign that was on the X-Bulky dogtag appeared on his chest!

He touched his face and felt the mask of the men who belonged to the X-iter tribe.

He left his face toward me and i could read the misunderstanding.

I hold him and said :

“Don’t Worry. You just express your full potential becoming an X-iter, Like me.

Now you are X-Bulky!”






comics gay

X-Bulky is strong, muscly, sporty, determinedĀ and really sexy.

Your strength is your main weapon and nothing can break you physically or mentally.

I reveal your “X”-potential to yourself with love. You just didn’t know you were a super hero, Now you know!

I need to find my 5 others X-iter brothers to reveal to themselves giving all my love as I did with you. The X-iter swimwears and talismans are my best weapons to find them. Each talisman corresponds to one of them : X-Twink, X-Bear, X-Geek, X-Princess, X-Bi and You, X-Bulky.

I will reinca

Once I’ll find each of them and we will be all together . we canĀ start the real X-iter mission

: Free the world from intolerance and fears revealing men who they really are and how to connect and love each others. Technology do us part, we need to reintegrate our body learning how to love physically. A new day has come …





comics gay


Meanwhile, I’ll have to dive into the matri-X to reincarnate myself in someone else for some new adventures to find my x-iters.

They can be anywhere. In any countries. Anytime …

Don’t be afraid. Come with me.

Get the power.

Be X-iter!







To be continued in the comics gay “The X-iter / Episode 3 : X-iter VS X-Twink” …


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